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Spiritualism Fall, 2023 Spiritualism In the meanwhile, in the year 1885, Conan Doyle tied the knot with Louise (also known as "Touie") Hawkins, who was the sister of one of his patients. It was a partnership that was plagued by Louise's persistent bad health throughout their time together. Conan Doyle wanted to be more involved in the literary community, so in 1891, the couple relocated from Southsea to Tennison Road in South Norwood, which is located in southeast London. However, after giving birth to her two children, Mary in 1889 and Kingsley in 1892, Louise was diagnosed with TB. Her health deteriorated quickly, and she was unable to work again for the remainder of her life. They left London in 1894 and moved into their new home, which was called Undershaw and was located near Hindhead, Surrey. Conan Doyle hoped that the fresh air in the new location would be beneficial to Louise's health.In spite of the fact that the first collection of Sherlock Holmes stories was very well received, Conan Doyle rapidly became tired of his invention. Despite the fact that he agreed to write a second collection of Holmes stories in exchange for a higher payment, he was certain that this should be the last collection. He felt that writing historical fiction, which he saw as a more worthwhile endeavor and one that would get him more respect as a professional author, deserved a bigger portion of his time and attention.1893 was the year when he and Louise traveled to Switzerland. While he was there, he went to the Reichenbach Falls and came to the conclusion that this was a location that would "make a worthy tomb for poor Sherlock, even if I buried my banking account along with him." He made this decision while he was still in that location. Therefore, in the last tale of the second collection, titled "The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes" (1893), he sent his hero to the watery depths of the Reichenbach Falls, where he was held in the clutches of the criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty. This was the conclusion of the narrative.Ignoring the popular outcry over his decision to kill Holmes, he
Spiritualism Fall, 2023 focused his attention on a broad variety of other literary projects, such as a story about life in the Regency period (Rodney Stone, 1896), a book about the Napoleonic wars (Uncle Bernac, 1897), and several short tales.Conan Doyle's prominence as a writer and his fortune both increased, which led to his becoming more active in both public and literary life at the same time. A group of famous writers who, like Arthur Conan Doyle, had developed exceptional characters who would continue to resonate with the public long after their deaths were counted among his friends and acquaintances. These authors are as follows: Dracula, written by Bram Stoker; Peter Pan, written by J.M. Barrie; Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis StevensonAs a result of the commencement of World War I in 1914, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle got actively involved in the formation of the local volunteer army, which was a precursor to the Home Guard. He also served as a war journalist and traveled to many battlefronts. Perhaps it was the callous massacre of so many young lives that rekindled his interest in spiritualism, for in 1916 he felt persuaded that he should dedicate his remaining years to the promotion of this idea, and this conviction led him to the conclusion that he should do so. It was a choice that was further solidified by the terrible passing of his son, Kingsley, who went away at the age of 26 after passing away from pneumonia as a result of his wounds sustained in the Somme in 1918. Kingsley's death occurred in 1918.Conan Doyle devoted the most of his time and energy to traveling around Australia, the United States, Canada, and South Africa to give lectures on spiritualism during the last ten years of his life. He was meticulous and thorough in his examination of mediums; nonetheless, there were times when he was tricked, and his detractors used these instances to prove what they saw to be his credulous. His enemies pounced upon these instances. Certainly, when two young girls claimed to have seen and photographed fairies in a watery glen near their house in Cottingley, Yorkshire, and Conan Doyle (along with Edward
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