Week 6 discussion board post

Week 6 Discussion Board Post The behavioralist interpretation of addiction relies on three aspects: availability, lack of reinforcement for alternative behaviors, and lack of punishment with respect to experimentation with the addictive habit in question, in the case of page 149 of our text specifically referring to drugs. Along with these perspectives, add in a piece from last week's reading that notes a lack of public pushback for legal substances or habits such as the use of alcohol or nicotine, and it makes addiction they use the Internet as outlined in the assignment article this week a more easily understood phenomenon, particularly in adolescents who are lacking heightened impulse control. Not only is the Internet incredibly available inside and outside the modern household, but its use is also very encouraged based on the influx of social media, games, and the capacity to utilize it for research, directions, answering basic questions, etc. The participants in the study also had more free time than most would, ranging from 13 to 17 and lacking the major time-consuming responsibilities of full-time work, childcare, and the general errands that accompany being an adult and providing for yourself and others. This free time accompanied by the lack of impulse control characterized by an immature frontal lobe allows this age group to be the perfect opportunity for accessing the internet with the general lack of supervision, persuasion to alternative hobbies, or punishment/guidance when they overuse their Internet privileges. While the Internet is not something that is illegal, nor are the downfalls of its use something that isn't visible to the general population to an extreme degree, is even more accepted in its use; especially among children who are seen to not truly be wasting their time due to a lack of legitimate responsibilities. I also feel as though the increased divorce rate in parents is also allowing kids more time and ability to spend on their computer because children are seemingly less monitored and more independent today. Parents are often busy trying to maintain their financial standing while also having to perform upkeep on their house and feed/clothe their children and themselves that the internet is seen as a harmless way to occupy their kids so that they can be engaged in something when they can't be engaged in activity with another member of their family.
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