SOC344 - Application Paper

SOC344 - The Sociology of Everyday Life Application Paper : Much of what we discuss in this seminar revolves around different approaches in identifying, conceptualizing, measuring, and analyzing the routine and ordinary aspects of everyday life. Learning about these approaches illustrates how everyday life can be theorized in different ways, shaping how we understand the role and importance of quotidian phenomenon in social life. Taking a specific theoretical approach informs our process of ' marking the unmarked. ' Therefore, identifying how our theoretical approach impacts our choice of topic is important in understanding the advantages and limitations of our theories to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of our approach. Utilizing what we have learned thus far about academic approaches to everyday life, identify an everyday phenomenon and apply one (1) approach in theorizing about an unmarked topic. The purpose of this paper is to get you thinking about how different ways of identifying your chosen topic can change what is important about it, and how the theoretical approach taken can change the purpose of marking and analyzing it. It also acts as an exercise in understanding theoretical approaches with more depth and with greater precision regarding the terms, details, and analytical focus necessary to properly understand things from a specific perspective. 1. Choose one (1) perspective/approach covered in class and apply it to the analysis of your topic. In providing an insightful and critical understanding of the topic, your task is to use the approach to outline how we can come to better understand this mundane aspect of everyday life: what does the theory allow you to understand, and what are its limitations in understanding your topic? Use the readings outlined for your approach, and feel free to include relevant readings and concepts from other approaches if they are valuable in your discussion. No outside research is required for this assignment. 2. Begin your paper by introducing us to the topic: provide a brief explanation that outlines the important aspects of your topic relevant to your chosen theoretical approach. The details you focus on should identify a routine, mundane, or ordinary aspect of everyday life that is not a common or typically marked sociological topic. 3. At the end of your paper, provide a conclusion on how your theoretical approach is beneficial in understanding your topic. Each theoretical approach will have its advantages, but this is your opportunity to explain how this approach allows you to identify, analyze, and explain this specific aspect of everyday life. This where you demonstrate your insight on the topic based on the knowledge you gained through the chosen theoretical approach. Your conclusions in this paper can be an indication of what your focus can be moving forward on this topic, and therefore what question might drive your final paper. Though keep in mind that you should be open to using other approaches we cover in class when you eventually plan your final paper, as we will continue to review different theoretical approaches that may be valuable in analyzing your topic .
You will be graded on: Accuracy (6/20) : the quality, complexity, and correctness of your theorization and discussion of the topic. Precision (6/20) : the precise use and application of concepts and ideas, using necessary terms and formal language for a complete explanation. Coherence (5/20) : the overall narrative cohesion, including the overall fit and connection between sections based on their functional importance. Style (3/20) : the overall organization and quality or writing (grammar, syntax, paragraph construction), and following assignment instructions. Format: - You should include a title page that provides the title to your assignment, along with your name and student number. You should use a standard 12-point font, 1-inch margins, and the essay should be double spaced. - A reference page is required for citations used, with in-text citations and the reference page using a recognized citation format. It is up to you which citation style to choose, but it must be used consistently and correctly. - The essay should be a maximum of 5 double-spaced pages, with your title page and reference page not counting towards your final page count. - The assignment is due Thursday, October 13 th by 11:59pm. Papers must be submitted directly to Quercus on a submission page for the paper. The file format for your paper should be either Microsoft Word or PDF, as other formats are not recognized by the Quercus system. Papers will automatically be submitted to Ouriginal for a plagiarism check through the Quercus submission.
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