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James Washington 962 Reading 3.1 Paul Butler, "One Hundred Years of Race and Crime," 18 Pp. Personal Connection and Acknowledgment of Bias. I can't identify to this since, as a Black man, I'm well aware of the difficulties of racial profiling and discrimination in the United States. However, I do not have any collection in the courts. Because of a minor misdemeanor he committed, my Uncle was imprisoned and subjected to racial profiling and racial abuse. Each police officer was guessing what he did as he was being checked in. Then, when they discovered it was pot, they mocked him and pointed out that he could have simply paid a fee. As someone who knows someone who has affected by systematic racial profiling, it is a major concern to me. I got a clearer image of what could happen after reading this. My Thinking. This article has altered my perspective about our country's legal system's bias towards us. The most essential thing I learned from this reading was that there were more black people in the system than there were slaves . Are African Americans simply enslaved in the United States? It's awful to read and learn about this. I had no idea about this, and it disgusts me greatly. This is a serious issue that the United States should address.
Reasons and Evidence. This reading was simply wonderful in my opinion; it was the best reading I've ever read in the book. This book taught me a lot about how African Americans and other races deal with the criminal justice system. This is something that has had a big impact on me and has made me think critically on my own. As I begin to think, my mind wanders to other aspects of the system, which I am too engrossed in. For example, 80 to 90 percent of drug offenders in prison are black. Nearly 90% of that should not be made up of black people. I believe that all of the drug convictions were minor offenses that could be resolved with a house arrest or a fine. Not years in prison; prison is intended to be reserved for more serious offenses, not minor drug possession. If the convict had pounds of drugs, that's acceptable, but an ounce or gram sounds excessive. Perspective-Taking. The author claimed to have gathered as much information as possible on the subject, citing a number of publications and studies to support their claims. It assisted me in comprehending, absorbing, and critically evaluating some of the author's statements. While responding to the problems addressed in the book, the author incorporated other people's perspectives into his picture of the economic system. Throughout the paper, the author avoided making any one-sided arguments, and each statement was backed up by personal ties and subject understanding. It helped me shape my understanding of "The New Jim Crow'' and how it still affects African Americans to this day. when the author gave their own point of view as well as several others. American laws are supposed to be colorblind but the Supreme Court can still use race into a factor. Which is a terrible thing to do, but how can we as the people go against a
Supreme Court ruling? Fair-mindedness. The author claimed to have gathered as much information on the subject as possible, citing a variety of publications and research to back up their statements. The author avoided making any one-sided arguments throughout the work, and each remark was backed up by personal connections and knowledge of the issue. It helped me understand, internalize, and critically evaluate some of the author's assertions. The author included other people's viewpoints into his picture while responding to the issues raised in the book. Experiments like the Kansas City Gun Experimen t were included by the author. In that study, cops targeted a neighborhood for broad investigative stops and were able to seize more weapons than in other areas. For a brief while, the number of shootings in the targeted community decreased. Attempts to duplicate the experiment's findings in other cities, on the other hand, produced underwhelming results. I believe that this should be done more frequently, but that it should not be perceived as a prison or a "big brother" lifestyle for individuals. Impact. Through the CTS, I learnt how to think critically and rationally for myself, as well as how to improve my abilities and change my mindset about how I needed to think. In terms of my CTS, I believe I answered each question to the best of my ability while also demonstrating critical thinking by adding my own critical thinking and point of view to the conversation. Throughout this article my mind on the article kept changing especially when said in the book that
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