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PSYC101H Module #1 Roundtable Template NAME: Megan Berent DATE: 9/24/2023 GROUP #: 11 Discussion Question: When considering human development, which do you think is more important - nature or nurture and what evidence might you provide? Nature is the "genetic influence" our parents have on our personality. Nurture is the "environment" around us or that we grow up in that impacts us. I feel as if most people would say nature is more important, because genetics plays a big role in who we are (and things like medical issues, etc.). But I believe that nurture is more important because it's not your genetic makeup that makes you as a person, its where, who and what you surround yourself with that will impact you the most. The textbook states "inborn and innate (nature- genetic, and biological) qualities are the strongest determinants of thought and behavior." (Page 12 paragraph 9) but it also states, "the nurture-only side states that we are all essentially the same at birth that we are the product of our experiences." (Page 12 paragraph 9). I can see how both sides could be equally important. But as I stated before, it's the people and experiences you surround yourself with that make you, you. As we grow up, we are surrounded by our parents and family, the house or neighborhood we grew up in, where we went to school, and who our friends were, that made us who we are. Our personalities didn't come from our parents being of an O positive blood type. When you learned to crawl or walk, you were told "good job", when you learned how to ride a bike, you were congratulated. These accomplishments, and how you were raised play a part in the role of who you will become. As we grow up and have children, most of us will take lessons from our parents and teach them to our kids because we see it as valuable knowledge. These experiences we have stay with us and become the foundation of our morals and thinking patterns. References ReaderUi . (n.d.). https://prod.reader- Question for Peers: How do you think you would have turned out if you were raised in a "nature" only environment? NOTES for ROUNDTABLE: Insert your discussion points here to be used in your roundtable discussions. Need 3 points of discussion. Nature is "genetic influence"; nurture is the "environment" around us. We learn things like rules and morals based off "where we come from." The environment we put ourselves in and the people were surrounded by make up our actions, thoughts, and experiences.
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