1. Define environmental justice and environmental racism? What is the connection between the two? Environmental Justice: Environmental Justice addresses issues such as Environmental Racism, to address the unfair exposure that low-income communities face when it comes to Environmental Issues. Environmental Racism: Minority communities are struggling with a disproportionate burden of pollution, specifically those in areas with low-income African Americans and Hispanics. The connection between the two is the Environmental Justice fights Environmental Racism, and brings awareness to the general public how low-income minority communities suffer due to environmental issues. 2. Identify several of the symptoms of environmental justice and environmental racism shared by Peggy? What are the causes of these symptoms? In your opinion, how should we address the causes and symptoms of environmental justice and environmental racism? Many symptoms seem to be medical, such as environmental situations that cause asthma, bad housing causing health issues, as well as obesity. As well as mothers who are exposed to toxins and allergens affect the baby. 3. What do you think of when you hear the term environmental conservation? What is Peggy's idea of environmental conservation? Does hearing her view cause you to adjust your view (broaden or narrow)? Explain, why or why not. When I hear the term Environmental Conservation, I think of keeping nature clean, such as water and forests. Peggy's Idea is that there are a lot of money and resources devoted to conservation, but we need to balance our environment and our built environment. They both need to be protected, maintained, and make sure they do not have negative impacts on those who live there.
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