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PHYS 11130
Oct 28, 2023
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CMII Center- How dose race and gender affect students' social ability. Background (3pm-4:30pm) o There are few people here on Wednesday afternoon o There is a lounge area. o There is a long table that a group can sit at. o There are 12 cubicles that allow students to sit in to have privacy. o There are 4 offices, but nobody is allowed to enter. o There is a gaming room that allows the students to play any game they want. Rules, rituals, norms, and values o You are not allowed to have food or drink allowed in the building. o Most try to stay quiet (most likely to respect others) o When the game league is playing in the game room people don't go in there (you are allowed to) What they are doing o The African American students are sitting by themselves in the cuticles. (every single on) There was a total of 7 o The game league was practicing and there were 3 white, 2 Asian, and 1 Hispanic (I had to ask to not assume) o At the big table, there were 9 white students talking while eating. They seemed to be close friends. o The African American students were watching videos by themselves. When I talked to a few they were noticeably shy. They avoided eye contact and talked softly. o The lounge area was completely empty o The building had 3 women present and they were the people who checked you in. o I stayed longer to see if any women would walk in and none did. What is the space used for? o The space is supposed to bring people who like technology together to create projects. How could I expand this research? o I could go to the second floor to observe the people on that one to see if it contradicted my research.
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