Family in Film MIDTERM Assignment Adapted from Holster, Kristin. 2012 "Media Representation of Family Paper Assignment." Assignment published in TRAILS: Teaching Resources and Innovations Library for Sociology. Washington DC: American Sociological Association. (http://trails.asanet.org) Instructions: 1. Choose a movie/TV show revolving around families. 2. After watching the movie or at least a few episodes of the TV show, write a 4-7 page double spaced paper following the criteria below: » —Describe the family in the movie or episode you chose. o Include a discussion of at least 2 ways the family fits the Vanier Institute definition of a family (see slides What is Family Slide 10 or your textbook for more information), with examples. * —Chose one theory we've discussed in class and apply it to the family in your movie of choice. o Explain the basics of the theory AND give at least 2 examples for how it might apply to the movie/episode. * —Include a discussion of at least two of the following & explain them in relation to the family within the movie: class, race, sexuality, or gender. Include at least 3 connections from class (i.e. specific terms, research, concepts, etc.) in doing so. o Please give explanations/definitions of your connections AND give detailed examples * —I|naddition, discuss similarities AND differences between the family within the movie/TV episode and your own family Some ideas: Leave it to Beaver, Addams Family, Happy Days, Bewitched, Brady Bunch, Modern Family, Parenthood, This is Us, Boy Mets World, Family Ties, My Two Dads, Simpsons, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Family Guy, American Dad, Two and a Half Men, Malcolm in the Middle, Mary Poppins, Home Alone, Finding Nemo, Father of the Bride, The Kids are all Right, Meet the Parents, parenthood, Sweet Home Alabama, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and more... Paper should be 3-6 pages double-spaced 12-point font, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman. Please include proper citations author's last name & year if pulling material from book/textbook/other source but paraphrasing (AND quotation marks & page number IF directly quoting). Turn in the paper on Canvas by 11:59PM ON OCT 31st (NO CLASS ON OCT 31st) RUBRIC (SEE NEXT PAGE)
EXCELLENT GOOD FAIR POOR UNACCEPTABLE Formatting Requirements On time, length requirement met, formatting follows guidelines on assignment 10 points On time BUT either length requirement not met OR there are major formatting errors 5 points Not on time, length requirement not met & a lot of formatting errors 0 points Spelling & grammar Clear writing, few, if any spelling errors, few or minimal grammatical mistakes 10 points Writing is mostly clear, a few spelling errors and few grammatical errors 5 points Unclear writing, paper is full of grammatical or spelling errors hard to read 0 points Summary/Description of family within movie/TV Detailed summary of family, very descriptive Includes at least 2 well thought out & detailed connections to Vanier Institute Definition 20 points Good summary of family, but could have more detail Includes at least 2 connections to Vanier Institute Definition, but could use more detail in examples; or goes into detail with 1 connection but doesn't have a second connection 15 points Adequate summary of family, not a lot of detail Includes 1 connection to Vanier Institute Definition, some detail but could use much more 10 points Fair summary of family, very brief, limited detail Includes 1 mention of a connection to Vanier Institute Definition, but no detail 5 points No description of family Includes NO mention of a connection to Vanier Institute Definition 0 points Theory 1 theory FROM CLASS/TEXTBOOK CH ON THEORY, definition/explanation AND application of how it related to family within movie/show of 1 theory used, brief description, adequate understanding of theory; i.e. only one example/application included, or 2 used but less detall 1 theory used, some description, lacking understanding of theory; i.e. very vague example/application 1 theory mentioned, but not defined or described; no examples/applications No theory used
choice —i.e. at least 2 detailed examples, good understanding of the theory & its components 20 points 15 points 10 points 5 points 0 points Discussion of class concepts (at least 2 areas must be discussed —gender, race, class, sexuality & 3 explicit connections must be used total in describing these two areas) At least 2 areas discussed, very descriptive, good understanding of terms, connects them to family within movie/TV show. Uses 3 explicit connections to class (i.e. research, terms, concepts, etc.) 30 points At least 2 are discussed, good detail & understanding of how this affects how the family is viewed/seen by society, or how family members are treated by others. At least 2 connections to class are used 20 points At least 1 are discussed, good detail, adequate understanding. Uses at least 1 connection to course & explains it well 10 points Discussion of one, good detail, but lacking discussion of explicit connections to course 5 points No discussion of class, race, gender, or sexuality 0 points Connections to own family Discusses how family within movie/show relates to own family, discusses at least 2 similarities and 2 differences 10 points Discusses how family within movie/show relates to own family, discusses at least 1 similarity and 1 difference 8 points Discusses how family within movie/show related to own family, discusses only similarities or only differences, good detail 6 points Brief mention of how family within show/movie relates to own family, no discussion of how it similar/different 4 points No connection to own family at all 0 points
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