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14.1 What is Marriage? What is a Family? Marriage legally recognized that two or more people who are in a permanent relationship. Family group of people who are joined by blood, marriage or form an emotional connection. Family of orientation the family into we are born Family of procreation family that is formed through marriage Marriage Patterns Cohabitation a couple sharing a place while not married. Monogamy being married to only one person at a time Polygamy committed or married to more than one person at time. Polygyny a man is married to more than one woman at one time. Polyandry a woman is married to more than one man at one time. Bigamy entering into marriage while still married to someone else. Residency and Lines of Descent Bilateral descent tracing kingship through parents' ancestral lines. Kinship person's ancestry (by blood, marriage or adoption) Unilateral descent tracing kinship through one parent only Patrilineal descent that follows the father's line only Matrilineal descent that follow the mother's line only Ambilineal unilateral descent that does not follow the father or mother's side. Patrilocal residence system for the wife to lie with or near her husband's family. Matrilocal residence system for the husband to live with his wife's family. Family life cycle predicts and patterns families experience over time. Family life course events that occur in the lives of families however views them as parting terms. 14.2 Variations in Family Life. Nuclear family traditionally married couple with children living in the same household. Single parents 27% children lived with single parent Extended family a household with one parents and a child and other relatives. Cohabitation man or woman live together in a sexual relationship withing being married. Same-sex couples make 1 percents of the population Staying Single they are portrayed as unhappy "spinsters" or "old maids" Theoretical Perspectives on Marriage and Family To explain events that occur outside and within of the family . Functionalism note that family members take on their roles in a marriage or faily. Conflict Theory points out that families are defines as private entities and the consequences. Symbolic Interactionism views the world in terms of symbol and the meanings. 14.3 Challenges Families Face Divorce and Remarriage two factors: increase in the age when people get married, and increased level of education Children of Divorce and Remarriage are stressful for children and partners. Violence and Abuse occurs between spouses, parents and children and even family members. Domestic Violence between households or family members Child Abuse are the most helpless victims. There are more than 3.3 million reports. Intimate partner violence (IPV) violence between people who have romantic or sexual relationship. Shaken-baby syndrome brain swelling and retinal hemorrhage from forcefully shaking or impacting an infant's head Cultural Capital Cultural capital is a theory by French theorist Pierre Bourdieu Cultural capital can be a material and focus on symbolic elements that embodied cultural capital such as skills Having an education and earning a degree Lower social class-less cultural capital Upper-middle class-more cultural capital Capital: embodied state, objectified state, and institutionalized state Embodied State: the form of knowledge that reside within us (ABC'S) Objectified State: material objects we use to indicate social class (car) Institutionalized State: the way society measures social capital (degree) Doctorate more capital than master's which is more capital than an undergraduate. Cultural Capital Family: read, and write More capital equals more rewards Grades, Degrees, and networking A CALL TO MEN Men have to be strong, courageous, dominating and no emotions, except anger and no fear. Women are the opposite. Manhood Tony Porter grew up with the idea that women are object, sexual object He watched how his older friends would use girls, and rape them because woman are less Women are fragile Man can have feeling, they can cry and still be man They can be free Tony Porter is raising his kids to be strong, fearless but with respect to woman. Marriage and Family Friday, June 9, 2023 10:11 AM SOCIOLOGY Page 1
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