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1 What Is Child Abuse and Neglect? Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms The first step in helping children who have been abused or neglected is learning to recognize the signs of maltreatment. The presence of a single sign does not necessarily mean that child maltreatment is occurring in a family, but a closer look at the situation may be warranted when these signs appear repeatedly or in combination. This factsheet is intended to help you better understand the Federal definition of child abuse and neglect; learn about the different types of abuse and neglect, including human trafficking; and recognize their signs and symptoms. It also includes additional resources with information on how to effectively identify and report maltreatment and refer children who have been maltreated.
2 Title of Paper A basic research paper consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introductory paragraph presents the topic of the paper and typically summarizes the main points and ends with a thesis. The body of the paper covers the main points and normally includes citations to sources that support the author's claims and information. Papers should end with a conclusion. Conclusions normally summarize the main points that were addressed, without introducing new content. Example of Level 1 Heading Not all papers require Level 1 or Level 2 headings or both, but we have included them as a visual example. Remember to change this template so its information applies to you and to your classes. Keep the paragraphs indented and double spaced; do not switch to block paragraphing. Example of Level 2 Heading Remember that you should delete the "Example of Level 2 Heading" if it does not apply to your assignment. The final portion of the paper is the references list, which you can find on the last page of this template. The references list gives complete information about all the sources that are cited in the paper. For Rasmussen papers, the references list follows APA formatting rules. Please see the LLS video on how to adjust this template before using for an assignment at It also explains how this document can be saved as a Word template so that it may be used repeatedly.
3 References Author's Last Name, First initial. Middle initial. (Year). Title of article. Journal Title, Volume Number (Issue number), Page numbers.
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