Unit 5 Journal

Unit 5 Journal In some families, there are certain circumstances where the parents or caregivers may have to place their child in a more responsible role within the family structure causing the child to mature much faster than intended. The scenario presented for this journal is from one of my favorite TV shows: This Is Us. The scenario talks about Randall who is one of three children of Rebecca and Jack Pearson. Randall was adopted by the Pearsons after being left at a firehouse. The Pearsons themselves had also just lost one of their triplet infants when they saw Randall being placed in the nursery with their other two children and decided to adopt him from there. As the children got older, Randall was exposed to multiple different factors that could accumulate to him maturing much faster than his two siblings. One of those factors was that he was African American while his parents and siblings were Caucasian. Some have argued that life in a white family does not prepare a child of color to deal with the challenges and racism they would face in American society (Comstock, 2022). This was shown in a few episodes where some children made it clear that Randall was not the biological sibling of Kevin and Kate. Another factor is the fact that Randall not only has replaced a child but also a sibling that the family has lost which he was undoubtedly aware of once he realized and understood why he looked different from his siblings and parents. Another instance included their father, Jack Pearson passing away when they were 14 years old. I can say from personal experience and losing my own mother at 14, that this can definitely cause one to mature and see things differently. From here, Randall begins to assume the role of the male caretaker for his family, and this even carries over into his adulthood after he gets married and has three children of his own.
Even as an adult, Randall is seen going to the aid of his siblings and taking care of them in their times of need despite them all being the same age. Even with his mother, due to her grieving, he had to assume the responsibility of helping to raise his siblings. Out of all his siblings, Randall is the only one to be married, with children and a successful career. These results could also attest to the adultification of Randall and his position in the family as he grew up. This has also affected his relationship with his wife and children whom Randall at times has to neglect due to the issues his siblings usually get themselves into and he comes in to help them with. References Comstock, N. W. (2022). Transracial adoption. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health.
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