Macrosociology Hypothesis - Woman's Years of School to Number of Children

Christine Newberry Sociology 09.15.2023 Hypothesis: As a woman's years of schooling completed increases, the number of children she has declines. GROUPS LEVEL OF SCHOOLING NUMBER OF CHILDREN HOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN SINCE FINISHING? HOW OLD ARE THEY? Group 1 High School 5 Group 2 College 2 Conclusion: Data supports the hypothesis Homework: Try to challenge the conclusion. Make an argument that data does not support the hypothesis because... There isn't enough data. Cannot confirm the accuracy/validity of the data because we don't know the exact source. Was this taken with enough time? When was this taken? Where was this taken? How many schools? What kind of schools? How long ago? How many people are part of the data? What is their gender? Some people can't have children. Are they being added to this data? The data doesn't not support the hypothesis because we don't have enough context and therefore I cannot determine its contextual effect.
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