Sociological Research and Social Control Discussion Unit 4

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Oct 26, 2023
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Sociological Research and Social Control Unit 4 Discussion Zachary Radcliffe Colorado Technical University Due Date: 11/17/2022 Three Roles That I have In My Life The most important role in my life is my family because this is my heart and soul. They are the people who I strive for in my life. The top of my list in my family would be taking care of my four kids and my fiancée. The second role that I have in my life is being a student at CTU working on my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (with a cyber security focus). This is my long-term goal of becoming a cyber security professional and programming applications or scripts for larger companies. My third role is my paycheck-to-paycheck job making silicone rubber as a mill operator to provide for my kids. Role Conflict Within My Roles Yes, I have experienced role conflict where my kid was sick, and it was an emergency that I had to leave my work. Since my primary role is my family, which left me with no choice but to leave work. At work no one else can do my job, so it left some people without any rubber to make parts. I resolved it by letting them know my family comes first and they understood that.
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