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ADW 111
Oct 29, 2023
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Ashli Clark Professor Kalimara ADW-111 September 26 2022 Omi, Michael and Howard Winant, "Racial Formations™ The Racial Formation Theory is a concept that defines race as something often understood by society as a "collection" of social, political, and economic ideas. The text starts by casily taking apart and deconstructing the definition of race that society knows of today. First, race was something that was considered an ethnic origin or where you are ethnically from. The ethnic background someone has also comes with the culture. One's physical appearance is then associated with any social, economic, or political tendencies of that person's culture. Race is always depicted as something that is not subjected to only one definition; it is something that has a fluid definition that is based on the community or culture you come from. In the context of the book, "micro" level relations described are those that are carried out with individual people we are surrounded by. "Macro" level relations are dealing with society as a general whole. In the mind of Omi and Winant, racial discrimination is something that was formed as a way to control other races which is something I would agree with. Racism is a social construct made by the white man in order to form a tight control over another race (black folk) in order to deem us as less than. Race 1s something that limits a person's freedom, prohibits their knowledge of their worth, and subjectively places someone onto a social ladder. Overall, the thesis of these two authors is that race is complex and an inner-working of relationships between people in society. These relationships are put in place by those who create a system of political struggle and in those relationships you see discrimination against one another for their own economic or political advantage or disadvantage.
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