SOC 112 Module Eight Worksheet

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SOC 112 Module Eight Worksheet Your Sociological Lens Read the article titled "Understanding the Sociological Perspective: How Sociologists See the World" and watch the video How Does Social Change Happen? Then reflect on the course material by answering the following questions in complete sentences (1-3 sentences per question). You will need to support your answers with at least one scholarly source. Your responses will be graded using the Module Eight Worksheet Rubric. To complete this worksheet, replace the bracketed text with the relevant information. Questions Your Answers 1. Describe how you can use your newly developed sociological perspective in your everyday life. The use of the new sociological perspective can improve our comprehension of options, challenges, and decisions by raising concerns about seemingly ordinary situations and illuminating the underlying social structures and forces at play. 2. What aspects of sociology can be helpful to you in your personal life? Sociology is a useful tool in daily life since it provides insightful understanding of social structures, customs, and conventions. It also helps with important decision-making and evaluates skewed viewpoints on societal issues. 3. What aspects of sociology can be helpful to you in your professional life? My professional work will benefit from sociology since it will give me a conflict perspective, help me grasp societal divisions and inequities, and help me recognize many points of view. With this information, I will be able to resolve problems without resorting to violence, which will make my future undertakings simpler. Additionally, sociology broadens my grasp of how to comprehend society. 4. How can a deeper understanding of human interaction be helpful in the real world? Effective communication requires an understanding of human connection as it allows us to better understand not just our own relationships within our own culture and family, but also those of others and their customs, values, and customs.
References The Sociological Perspective . (n.d.). SUNY Geneseo.
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