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1. Which of the explanations for deviance discussed (biological, labeling theory, Durkheim's theory, strain theory) best explains deviance? Why? - The best explanation of defiance that was discussed is Durkheim's theory of defiance. It explains how the absence of significant social norms leads to social instability. This is because he explained why defiance is important in our society. In different societies like America, people are labeled on their race, sex, age, and income. 2. Sociologists argue that what is considered deviant varies from culture to culture. Give an example of something that might be considered deviant in one area but would be the norm in another. Discuss your personal opinion of whether this activity is deviant and why. - One example that is deviant in one area and maybe not in the other is eating certain animals and species. For example, Muslim societies don't eat pork, and then in different societies, that is a norm that has been a norm for a very long time. My opinion on this activity is that it is deviant and people worldwide in different societies have different norms. 3. Hirschi provides several factors that he believes influence whether or not a person will act in a deviant way. Which one do you think is most important in preventing deviance? Why? - Hirschi believes that a key element in avoiding deviation is being socialized into the accepted belief system of society. As a result, socialization, kinship, and social control are his top priorities. Therefore, I believe the social environment is the most significant factor in determining personality. Those prevent deviance the best.
4. Durkheim argues that deviance is important to society. What functions does he believe deviance gives society? Do you agree with him that deviance has important functions in society? Why or why not? - According to Durkheim, deviaance is advantageous for a society since it serves several purposes for it. It aids in the clarification of social norms, the unification of groups, the reduction of conflict, and the advancement of social transformation. Deviance emphasizes to individuals what conduct is and is not acceptable, which helps to explain social standards. When individuals engage in inappropriate behavior, they are penalized. I do agree that deviance has important functions in society. 5. Do you think that punishments like prison sentences or fines help stop crime? Why or why not? - I think they do stop crime. Because they crime that goes outside of the prison they are seeing whats happening inside the prison so they might be much more careful and cautious with the crime going on. Seeing all the sentences and fines criminals have been doing.
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