Mannheim, Part Two SOC332: Lives in Canada September 29, 2022
Research Question: Do the effects of the formative period last for life? Do the effects of the formative period last for life? One example: Canadian Voting Rates Andre Blais, Elisabeth Gidengil, Neil Nevitte, and Richard Nadeau. 2004. "Where Does Voter Decline Come From?" European Journal of Political Research 43: 221-236. Based on Canadian Federal Election Studies, 1968-2000 The younger the generation, the lower the rate of voting. 2 Generation When Born Rate of Voting Pre-baby boomers Before 1945 highest rate (just over 80%) baby boomers 1945 - 1959 2-3% lower (vs. pre-boom) Gen X 1960-1969 another 10% lower (vs. boomers) 1970s 1970-79 10% lower (vs. Gen X)
Question for Class Discussion Blais et al. note that young voters in the early 21st century reported: Lower interest in politics Lower sense that voting is a duty But why is that? Why do Canadian generations differ in voting in this way? Consider the McDaniel table on Canadian generations .... Also of interest for us: LIFE COURSE EFFECTS 3 "Young voter campaigning for her future at the People's Vote March" by threefishsleeping is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.5
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