Gender pay gap

Ruth Merrill February 7, 2022 Diversity Management Gender pay gap The gender pay gap has been going on since the 1860's it's the pay gap between men and women. This issue wasn't taken seriously and or addressed till the equal pay act in 1963. Even today it is still not taken seriously, and women earn about 20 percent less than men. There was a bill that tried to get passed in 1935 by a congress man in New York that would not allow discrimination based on sex. This bill never made it through congress. Women tend to have jobs that tend to have lower pay like childcare, teaching, etc. While men usually have more male dominated masculine jobs that pay higher. These shouldn't be even considered when looking at the pay gap because men can go into more female orientated jobs and women can go into predominantly male workforces. The big issue is women are usually looked down on and seen as being dumber than men and weaker. Women because they haven't always worked have set an image that they should all be stay at home wife's or mothers. Let's face it men got very agitated when they first found out women started working and wanted to be more than just a stay at home anything. Jobs become less prestigious when more women enter the field. Gender pay discrimination is illegal but is still frequently seen today. Jobs today will still hire a male over a female even with the same experience and education just because there a man. Changes need to happen, and this discrimination needs to be shut down. Women can do anything a man can do no matter their identity.
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