Week 3 - Discussion 1

EDU 647 Week 3 - Discussion 1 Four aspects of family life are described that have been strongly tied to student academic achievement, and they are (a) family beliefs and expectations, (b) family patterns of emotional connectedness, (c) family organizational patterns, and (d) family patterns around learning. Choose one of the key components and add at least three additional points/suggestions to contribute to a students' success. Use these new points in addition to those listed in the text to create a plan to be implemented by either the family or the teacher to enhance your chosen component. Support your new points with at least one reference, in addition to the text. The family pattern selected was family patterns around learning. Family involvement and partnerships are critical in the education of students. Most people believes that this starts when children start school, but research has indicated that relating to a child while they are younger is just as important. Parents are the child's first teacher with learning starting at birth. Based on research, ways of relating used by families take different forms based on the age of the child (Amatea, 2013). Additional points that I would add is curiosity. It is essential that the child is kept curious about learning different things. Provide them with an opportunity to always learn. Emotional support requires being supportive of the child and letting them know that it is ok to make mistakes and who people learn from them. Also, inform them that it is okay to try something new. Policy involve staying current on policies or things in your child's life and at school. The parents are the advocates of the child and should always look out for the best interest of the child. Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family - school relationships . (2 nd ed). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.
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