This study source was downloaded by 100000842180769 from on 10-03-2023 11:52:41 GMT -05:00 Submitted To: Submitted By: Date: Subject: Defending Against Accusations of Discriminatory Housing Practices Background Leslie Peters is one of the largest developers of rental housing in the Midwestern, United States of America. Peter owns eight apartment complexes different locations in the United States of America. Peter has a lawyer, Jan McGinty, who represents Peter on all legal matters. An article with heading "Racial Bias Found in Study of Apartments" was published in local newspaper on May 15, 2010. According to that article, African American people trying to rent an apartment can expect to encounter race discrimination at nearly one third of the city's apartment complexes. According to a city funded study, roughly 30 out of 100 apartment complexes gives preferential treatment to Whites over African American People. This study was done by a private nonprofit organization by using federal housing funds and the organization is Square Deal Housing. This study was conducted in 2009. The Square Deal Housing sent White person and African American person to the apartment complexes and then noticed that staff of the apartment complexes treated both white and African American people differently. Their behavior with White people was very good, informative, and welcoming while with the African American people their behavior was opposite. The Square Deal Housing found that there is a racial discrimination among white people and African American people by the staff of apartment complexes. Therefore, Peter is now accused of racial discrimination and there are chances that Square Deal Housing may file a suit against him. Fair Share Fair share is the amount of rent that is due relative to what other people are receiving on the apartment quality.
Peter's Rental Patterns The rental patterns of all eight apartment complexes owned by Peter are as follow. It elaborates that the total number of people living in the apartment complexes on racial basis. Prestige One Prestige Two Prestige Three Prestige Four Prestige Five Prestige Six Prestige Seven Prestige Eight White People 152 117 234 99 53 55 94 193 Asian and Others 23 26 52 22 52 12 11 32 African American People 26 20 64 5 9 8 129 4 From here, we can observe that most white people live in Prestige three apartments while most Asians and other people live in Prestige five and most African American people live in Prestige Seven. From all of these statistics, we can observe that all of the mentioned prices are fair and withstand with fair share. Defending Peter from Accusations
The Square Deal Housing conducted three cases to test Peter against Racial Discrimination and Biasness. These tests are as follow. Case Details Case 1 Water down Park Case 2 Proboscis Woods Area Case 3 Northridge Area Race African American White African American White African American White Gender Female Female Male Male Male Female Age 34 29 32 30 29 26 Income Monthly or Annually $32,000/- $28,000/ - $3,500 $2,850 $38,000 $29,000 Working Experience 10 years 5 years 3 years 1.5 years Not Mentioned Not Mentione d Case 1 In this case, the African American tester was told that there is no apartment available but an apartment might be available sometime in future while on the other hand, the white tester was told that there are three flats available that day. Case 2 In this case, the African American male tester was told that there are no apartments available at the time and he was informed that something might be available in future but no encouragement was given and he was not informed about the dates. On the other hand, the white tester was told that there were no apartments available at moment but something might be available within fourteen days. Case 3 In this case, the African American male tester was shown a model and was told that no unit was available at that time. The price of one bedroom unit was quoted to him as $720 per month plus $170 security deposit. On the other hand, the white female tester was told an apartment was available immediately, then shown the unit, and was told a one bedroom unit would be $635 per month plus $125 security deposit.
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