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1 Social Privilege and Oppression Assignment Marice Gonzale Pardo South University HUM1200-Introduction to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professor Nasser Jad November 10, 2023
2 Social Privilege and Oppression Assignment Questions True or False I have worked a job with less pay than somebody doing equal work. T I am not a citizen of the United States. F I am worried about whether I can finance my education from semester to semester F I was raised in a single-parent family F The religious holidays observed in my high school did not match my family's religious observances. T While shopping, I am reasonably certain that store employees or security people will harass me F I have been the only person of my gender in a class or workplace. F I have had to worry about the safety of the children (nieces/nephews, siblings, etc.) in my life because of one or more of their cultural identities T I have been accused of cheating, lying, or stealing because of one or more of my cultural identities. F One of my parents has been laid off or unemployed, but not by choice. F As a child, I never went to sleep-away camps or private schools. T I attended a school where my first language was not the primary language used in oral and written communication. T When learning about American history, I felt that one or more of my cultural identities were either incorrectly represented or completely absent. T I have hidden a part of my identity from others to prevent negative judgments or feel comfortable. F I am frequently expected to attend classes or work on my religious holidays T I have felt mistreated because of my body type. F I have taught children (nieces/nephews, siblings, etc.) in my life about oppression for their own safety and well-being. T I worry about publicly expressing affection for my romantic partner for F
3 fear of being judged, harassed, or hurt. I have had to ask a store clerk to unlock beauty and personal care products that cater to my skin tone, hair type, or other individual needs T Due to my accent, I have felt inferior or less intelligent. F People assume that because of some component of my identity, I am incapable of having an active sex life, including the ability to have children, adopt children, and be a parent F I have experienced hurtful stereotypes or insulting remarks regarding some aspects of my identity F People may believe that if I had children, some component of my identity would deprive them of a normal upbringing. F I have faced barriers to accessing quality healthcare due to one or more of my cultural identities. T I can be a member of any religious denomination and be confident that religious leaders or congregation members will not condemn my sexuality T I struggle with renting or buying housing in an area that I can afford and where I wish to reside. F If a traffic cop pulls me over, it is most likely due to some component of my identity, such as my race or ethnicity F People routinely mispronounce my first or last name. T When people meet me, they assume I'd be better off dead or a burden because of one or more of my cultural identities. F When I perform well in difficult situations, I either surprise or inspire people or am referred to as a credit to individuals like me T I've been the victim of sexual harassment and assault and was afterward asked to explain my actions and justify my presence in that situation. F After revealing a part of my identity, I was treated differently. F I've had to listen to other people converse about how they would "die" if they ever developed my condition or had a child with my condition F When organizing events and activities, I must consider my level of pain (mental, emotional, and physical). T I have felt pressured to change my appearance, mannerisms, or language F
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