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Research Indexes SOCI 3595 - Week 3 Dr. Charles Robinson Submission Date: 25 June 2014 Benjamin Mitchell Zoya
Research Indexes - SOCI Week 3 Introduction For Research Indexes You see it again in the evening and, to your surprise, the figure is even closer. Your twin brother was born five minutes before you, making him next in line for the throne. Shocked, you welcome her into your inner life, explaining your experiments with trip frequencies, magnetic dissonance, and high-velocity particles. You've always been proud of your husband. Bodies are found on campus drained of blood. You, however, are one of only two bachelor princes on the entire planet, and you have the option of three unmarried princesses. You beckon them to approach, and the three men slowly oblige. As the son of two well-known celebrities, your life has been constantly critiqued by the general public. Gurgling screaming interrupts your thoughts, and you rush into the front room, where your father is on the floor, blood covering his chest. You go home to tell your tale, and you and your family celebrate. When you find a bizarre portal that seems dormant, you wonder if both armies are after the wrong location. You have decided to give the goblins shelter, hiding as many as you can in your basement. Instead, you indulge her questions and pour a splash of potion into her drink to erase her memory of the conversation. You swing around to find a woman has let herself in. It's all as real as anything you've seen in the ordinary world. The handsome alien stranger grins and calls you by name: "We've been looking for you." He holds out a hand. You like them when they're rough around the edges and tell it how it is, so you are thrilled when you meet a mysterious man decked out in black biker clothes in your favorite bar. He's a couple of years above you, so you don't see him the rest of the day, but for the remainder of the week, you see him every day at lunch as the two of you sit under the tree. One of them asks, "Are you the magical hero we summoned to help us save our land?" The photographs she took told a story of sordid infidelity, and you would pay any price to make sure that your wife never finds out. You are overjoyed to help him and are talking with your financial advisor about the details until it dawns on you that you are being played. As you take the first steps on the moon's surface, you and your crew discover stones with magical properties. As the miners drill down into the planet's crust, they encounter strange alien creatures who will defend their underground world at any cost. You turn around and prance away from the water's edge. 1
Research Indexes - SOCI Week 3 Questions For Research Indexes Instructions : You barge into the theater looking for the president. You creep closer and see that the front door is slightly ajar, so you ease the door open to get a better look. He places you gently on the ground and walks over to another villager to whisper the same spell into that villager's ear before walking into the pit. Question 1 : Experience and perception are concepts developed by Nicholas of Autrecourt. a. You don't know where you are going, or how you will get back home, but at least you know this won't be your typical, boring Tuesday. b. Inside, an old blind woman is selling concoctions of all kinds, with effects ranging from "chicken breath" to "immortality." She shows you a potion with the promise of making you irresistible, but says that it is not for sale because no one would like that sort of attention. c. Every evening, bunnies come out in your yard to eat grass and play. Question 2 : What is it that you want? a. You work mostly with wealthy clients who have 9-5 office jobs, and you have walked everything from Pomeranians to Great Danes. b. She struck up a conversation with you at a nightclub last week and eventually put you under her spell. c. One crew member has discovered your hiding spot and begins to bring you food. Question 3 : What is the most expensive item you've ever broken? a. Your instincts have taught you not to believe in coincidences and, after combing through the evidence, you determine that everything points to a serial killer with a grudge against elves. b. This is your chance to escape. c. Then it dawns on you: Perhaps the contraption inadvertently reanimated the long-dead dwarves who were laid to rest centuries ago within the catacombs below. 2
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