SOCI-2230-Study Musings

Study Musings SOCI 2230 - Week 4 Dr. David Collins Submission Date: 20 September 2018 Emily Davis Waverly
Study Musings - SOCI Week 4 Introduction For Study Musings You find yourself in a version of your hometown that is not quite your hometown. You and your crew are exploring a remote system when your ship abruptly pulls out of warp speed without warning. Until you meet a dangerous vampire, who tells you he can help you unlock your powers... if you'll become his permanent blood-snack. You search your bedroom and see a small furry creature with large ears huddled in the corner. You take it inside hesitantly and open it to find an odd array of items inside: a pink elixir, a rose, and some chalk. You leave anyway, only to run face first into a handsome renegade angel, with a sword in hand and death in his eyes. She hands you the tiniest jar you have ever seen, which contains a tiny tooth. People start going mad, seeing visions, and hearing voices. In a clearing within a mossy pine forest you find your mother... with a dragon. It is now up to you to find the man who cursed your hometown before it is destroyed. It turns out the old man has trapped you in a memory that replays again and again. After decades of antibiotic misuse, the era of antibiotics has effectively ended with the spread of multidrug resistant bacteria. You open it to find an elf, a wizard, a goblin, and a kangaroo standing outside, saying they received your invitation. Multi-story buildings were the first to go, followed by tsunamis that devastated costal populations and volcanoes which made the air nearly unbreathable. As one of the unaffected humans, you must hunt the infected humans if you are to survive. However, you are comfortable in your human form and are more interested in puttering around in your garage than caring about the state of existence. You believe this is magic and decide to find a way to introduce it to your people without being labeled as a sorcerer and killed. One rainy night, while driving home, lightning pierces the sky, enveloping the new guy as he stands on a hill. As the member of the family born with the curse, you must find someone who will love you in order to break the curse forever. The storm breaks, and rain pelts down on you. However, with the wedding approaching in just a few weeks, you feel like you have no choice. Deciding to get to the bottom of things, you stake out the living room, setting a silver spoon from your mother's hutch out as bait for the thief. It was all just part of the job from your point of view—until you accidentally killed a well-known priest who many claimed had dabbled in dark magic. The cat tells you of the adventure he's had and the strange woman he met. 1
Study Musings - SOCI Week 4 Questions For Study Musings Instructions : According to the legend, if you open the door and enter, you will be granted what you truly deserve. "Damnation," you respond. Are you a man or a woman? Is this new order acceptable to you or do you fight against it? Question 1 : What was the name of the first infectious disease vaccine? a. Finding the village endearing, you begin to add items here and there. b. interference, even though you support their cause. c. It's the dead of night, but you can't help yourself. Question 2 : What is the most ironic event you've witnessed? a. You and the officer chase after it and then pry open the grate. b. Mount Everest is known as the last sacred source of magic within the modern world. c. You haven't seen that many people enter the store over the course of a few months, let alone in one day. Question 3 : The Magna Carta was signed in what year? a. While climbing back down, your brother slipped and fell into a ravine, never to be seen again. b. But when he passed away years ago, there was no one left to stop them. c. In fact, he's been trapped here for years. 2
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