How social work in their program (26)

Page 1 SOC: Assignment 1 Electronic music producer Kygo039;s popularity skyrocketed after a certain remix. Which song did he remix? a. aha Take On Me b. !Ed Sheeran I See Fire c. Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing d. Coldplay Midnight 2 Pianist Freacute;deacute;ric Chopin was a composer of which musical era? a. !Romantic b. Classic c. Baroque d. Renaissance 3 In World of Warcraft lore, who organized the creation of the Paladins? a. Sargeras, The Daemon Lord b. Alexandros Mograine c. Uther the Lightbringer d. !Alonsus Faol 4 What is the official German name of the Swiss Federal Railways? a. Schweizerische Staatsbahnen b. Bundesbahnen der Schweiz c. !Schweizerische Bundesbahnen d. Schweizerische Nationalbahnen 5 What is the name of the process that sends one qubit of information using two bits of classical information? a. Super Dense Coding b. Quantum Entanglement c. Quantum Programming d. !Quantum Teleportation 6 Which person from quot;JoJo039;s Bizarre Adventurequot; does NOT house a reference to a band, artist, or song earlier than 1980? a. !Giorno Giovanna b. Johnny Joestar c. Jolyne Cujoh d. Josuke Higashikata 7 Which product did Nokia, the telecommunications company, originally sell? a. !Paper b. Computers c. Processors d. Phones 8 Released in 2001, the first edition of Apple039;s Mac OS X operating system version 10.0 was given what animal code name? a. Leopard b. Tiger c. Puma d. !Cheetah 9 In quot;Team Fortress 2quot;, what is the fastest taunt kill that can be pulled off? a. Organ Grinder b. Skewer
Page 2 c. !Showdown d. Hadouken 10 Gabe Newell was born in which year? a. 1970 b. 1972 c. !1962 d. 1960 1 What is the name of one of the NeoAramaic languages spoken by the Jewish population from Northwestern Iraq? a. Chaldean NeoAramaic b. Lishan Didan c. !Lishana Deni d. Hulaulaacute; 2 Who was not in the band quot;The Smithsquot;? a. !Martin Chambers b. Morrissey c. Andy Rourke d. Mike Joyce 3 What039;s the name of the halloweenrelated Sims 4 Stuff Pack released September 29th, 2015? a. Ghosts n039; Ghouls b. Fearful Frights c. !Spooky Stuff d. Nerving Nights 4 Which day in quot;Papers, Pleasequot; does the man in red appear? a. Day 20 b. !Day 23 c. Day 15 d. Day 17 5 What is the Klingon039;s afterlife called? a. New Jersey b. Karon039;gahk c. Valhalla d. !Stovokor 6 The French mathematician Eacute;variste Galois is primarily known for his work in which? a. !Galois Theory b. Galois039; Continued Fractions c. Abelian Integration d. Galois039; Method for PDE039;s 7 Nephelococcygia is the practice of doing what? a. Sleeping with your eyes open b. !Finding shapes in clouds c. Swimming in freezing water d. Breaking glass with your voice 8 In the film quot;Harry Potter and the Order of The Phoenixquot;, why was Harry Potter039;s scream, after Sirius Black died, muted? a. Too Loud b. Too Harsh
Page 3 c. !Too Agonizing d. Too Violent 9 Which of the following are cells of the adaptive immune system? a. White blood cells b. Dendritic cells c. !Cytotoxic T cells d. Natural killer cells 10 In the Team Fortress 2 canon, what did Shakespearicles NOT invent? a. TwoStory Building b. !Stairs c. Stage Play d. Rocket Launcher 1 According to Algonquian folklore, how does one transform into a Wendigo? a. Excessive mutilation of animal corpses. b. Drinking the blood of many slain animals. c. !Participating in cannibalism. d. Performing a ritual involving murder. 2 Which M83 album is the song quot;Midnight Cityquot; featured in? a. Before the Dawn Heals Us b. !Hurry Up, We039;re Dreaming c. Junk d. Saturdays Youth 3 In quot;Sonic the Hedgehog 3quot; for the Sega Genesis, what is the color of the second Chaos Emerald you can get from Special Stages? a. Green b. !Orange c. Magenta d. Blue 4 What is the English title of the vaporwave track quot;420 quot; by Macintosh Plus Vektroid? a. Make Your Move 420 My Mind b. It039;s All In Your Head 420 Understand c. !Lisa Frank 420 Modern Computing d. Smoke Weed 420 Everyday 5 In Norse mythology, what is the name of the serpent which eats the roots of the ash tree Yggdrasil? a. Ymir b. !Nidhogg c. Odin d. Bragi 6 What year was the first San Diego ComicCon? a. 2000 b. !1970 c. 1990 d. 1985 7 Which of these characters was considered, but ultimately not included, for Super Smash Bros. Melee? a. Diddy Kong b. Wave Racer
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