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Nov 16, 2023
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2 Racism stands out as the oppression or marginalization of people of color due to socially developed racial hierarchy that gives a lot of privileges to white people. In order to have an in- depth understanding of racism, there is need to know what race is and how it relates to the entire scenario of racism. Race refers to all those categories used by the society to segment individuals based on notable physical characteristics such as eye shape, facial form, and hair type and skin color. As much as many are subscribed to the notion that race is a product of biology, it is slowly being accepted as a classification system developed based on political and social interests. Another terminology on the forefront when it comes to supporting racism is systemic racism. This is a case characterized by a combination of factors, institutions and systems that give advantage to people of color and white people in opportunities and access. It is important to note that no single individual or groups or individuals came up with systemic racism but is anchored in the history of institutions and laws which were developed on a foundation of white supremacy. Also, it was embedded in an environment that disadvantaged black people but gave their white counterparts leeway to all opportunities. Systemic racism has also thrived in environments characterized by behavior and interpersonal communication. Black people in the United States have faced an enormous challenge trying to fit in a racially divided country. The black community is treated as second class citizens, something that makes it difficult to create a cohesive environment. In the United States, several cases have been reported to show bias on how people are treated. Important decision making processes tend to favor the white majority at the expense of people of color.
3 According to Myers (2013) , I in every 1,000 black men and boys are at a higher risk of being killed by the police compared to their white counterparts. Also, the data demonstrates that black men 2.5 times more likely to die in the hands of police compared to white males. In addition to that, the data shows that many young black men have their main cause of death as the police. According to Myers (2013) , many people are in agreement with these numbers as they demonstrate the truth about black males. Racial discrimination also cuts across the legislative and administrative arms of the government. Equal distribution of resources across all races is just good on paper. On the other hand, re For instance, Black Americans have been underrepresented for a long time now in almost all highest echelons of government. A closer look at the 116 th Congress which came into existence immediately after the 2018 midterm elections can be termed as the most diverse in the US history. Of all the 535 Congress voting members, only 57 are black. This alone rings a bell on the nature of racism on matters representation. Also, Black workers have been on the receiving end compared to their white counterparts when it comes to earned wages. For example, 2018 alone was characterized by Black workers earning 62% of what their white counterparts regardless of having the same skillset and education levels (Williams, 2014) . Another important aspect of consideration is education opportunities which are sharply split by race. A good example that could be used to explain this is a study by the Department of Education that showed that in 2014, Black high school students were slightly more than half as their white counterparts to get International Baccalaureate credit or Advanced Placement.
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