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Universidad Ana G. Méndez Recinto de Carolina Carolina, Puerto Rico Final Argumentative Essay Neysha Hernández ENGS 152 Dr. José Morales
The impact of violence on society When we talk about violence, many things come to mind, and not exactly pleasant ones. Violence is defined in the Dictionary of the Spanish Royal Academy as physical force applied by one person to another and which constitutes the means of committing some crimes, such as robbery and crimes against sexual freedom, among others. Starting from that point, it is important that we know that violence is a serious problem to handle, that is, from the perspective of the victim or perpetrator. Throughout this writing we will emphasize child abuse and how this affects their development as individuals. We will also detail how to recognize both a mistreated person and one who is abusive. We will also talk about possible solutions to these cases. At the same time, we will point out how to work with these cases and manage them. Children are wonderful beings, and it is incredible to see how, despite this, countless of them are mistreated around the world. Now, what is considered abuse of a child or any individual? Even any ill-intentioned word or expression, verbal, physical and even sexual aggression, is considered abuse. When talking about this issue, it should be discussed with tweezers since it is an extremely sensitive issue and with dire consequences, both for the victim and for the perpetrator according to how it is identified and determined. In most cases, if we go to the root of the problem, the perpetrator was at some point in her life, the victim. Finally, analyzing the situation, that person also suffered the same or worse than what he is reflecting. The complicated thing about this issue is that children have no way to express themselves or often when expressing themselves they are ignored. Statistically speaking, if we were to hypothetically
visualize how many cases could be avoided on a daily basis by listening to the voice of our children, the statistics of abuse would change dramatically. With this clear, let's talk first about the types of abuse. There are different ways of hurting a child, among them are: psychological abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, and even not feeding a minor is also classified as abuse. In the case of psychological abuse, it is when the minor is attacked with hurtful words and phrases. Emotional abuse is closely linked to psychological abuse that causes serious damage to the development of the child. Sexual abuse is when someone sexually attacks a minor and violates her physical privacy. For its part, abuse linked to food is when the child goes through extreme needs or by way of abuse is not fed by her parents or guardians. This creates a poor development of the child, and serious damage to health to the point of being able to cause death. There is already a high number of abused children around the world, and this problem has become increasingly serious and difficult for authorities to handle. Now, having this clear, it is important to know how each and every one of these types of abuse can affect our minors. Unquestionably, each type of abuse has its consequence in the individual, despite being all extremely harmful. A developing individual who grows up with the trauma of being abused as a child is likely to have problems as an adult and in her relationships with others. When a boy or girl is attacked with hurtful words and phrases, it is very likely that she will repeat that pattern in her adulthood and do the same. When talking to someone you can unconsciously be the same and attack with words. In the case of physical
violence when a minor is attacked with blows, one of two things can happen depending on how his brain associates it: either the minor will tend to be extremely aggressive or he will live on the defensive in fear, due to post-traumatic trauma. In the same way, if a child is sexually abused, the roots can be deeper and unfortunately it is one of the most difficult forms of abuse to erase. When a minor witnesses sexual abuse, her relationship with her environment will not be the same. This will seek to move away and will fear contact or relationship in some cases with certain people. Any of these types of abuse could become difficult to deal with without the help you need. So how can we help these people who happen to be victims of abuse? It is time to find a solution to this problem. References: Santiago, C. S. M. (2009, agosto). Historias de vidas de adultos que fueron víctimas de violencia doméstica en su niñez [Revista Universitaria]. Recuperado 12 de noviembre de 2022, de Amor, P.J.; Echeburua, E.; Corral, P.; Sarasua, B. y Zubizarreta, I. (2001). "Maltrato físico y maltrato psicológico en mujeres victimas de violencia en el hogar: un estudio comparativo". Revista de Sicopatología y Psicología Clínica 6, pp. 167-178.
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