How to make social better (16)

Page 1 SOC: Midterm Q: Which of the following is the standard THX subwoofer crossover frequency? 1. 70 Hz 2. 80 Hz 3. 90 Hz 4. 100 Hz A: 80 Hz Q: What was the first movie to ever use a Wilhelm Scream? 1. Indiana Jones 2. The Charge at Feather River 3. Distant Drums 4. Treasure of the Sierra Madre A: Distant Drums Q: What engine is in the Lexus SC400? 1. 7MGTE 2. 5MGE 3. 2JZGTE 4. 1UZFE A: 1UZFE Q: In quot;The Binding of Isaacquot;, which item instantly kills Mom and Mom039;s Heart? 1. Book of Shadows 2. Brimstone 3. The Bible 4. The Halo A: The Bible Q: In the quot;Ace Attorneyquot; series, who was the truly responsible of the forging of the autopsy report of the pivotal IS7 incident? 1. Bansai Ichiyanagi 2. Manfred Von Karma 3. Tateyuki Shigaraki 4. Gregory Edgeworth A: Bansai Ichiyanagi Q: What is the stage name of New Zealand singer Phillipa quot;Pipquot; Brown? 1. Anika Moa 2. Ladyhawke 3. Lorde 4. Kesha A: Ladyhawke Q: What is the name of the main island in PLAYERUNKNOWN039;S BATTLEGROUNDS? 1. Lastovo 2. Erangel 3. Severny 4. Marmara A: Erangel Q: What Magic: The Gathering card039;s flavor text is just 039;Ribbit.039;? 1. Turn to Frog 2. Bloated Toad 3. Spore Frog
Page 2 4. Frogmite A: Turn to Frog Q: Located in Chile, El Teniente is the world039;s largest underground mine for what metal? 1. Iron 2. Silver 3. Nickel 4. Copper A: Copper Q: What is the name for the auditory illusion of a note that seems to be rising infinitely? 1. Glissandro Illusion 2. Fransen Effect 3. Shepard Tone 4. McGurck Effect A: Shepard Tone Q: Who wrote the novel quot;MobyDickquot;? 1. Herman Melville 2. J. R. R. Tolkien 3. William Golding 4. William Shakespeare A: Herman Melville Q: Which moon is the only satellite in our solar system to possess a dense atmosphere? 1. Callisto 2. Europa 3. Titan 4. Miranda A: Titan Q: America Online AOL started out as which of these online service providers? 1. Prodigy 2. Quantum Link 3. GEnie 4. CompuServe A: Quantum Link Q: What programming language was used to create the game quot;Minecraftquot;? 1. Java 2. C++ 3. HTML 5 4. Python A: Java Q: What is the 4th boss in the 1997 video game quot;Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Backquot;? 1. Dr. Neo Cortex 2. Komodo Brothers 3. Dr. N. Gin 4. Tiny Tiger A: Dr. N. Gin Q: Which of the following games was NOT included in Valve039;s Orange Box? 1. HalfLife 2: Episode Two 2. Portal
Page 3 3. Team Fortress 2 4. CounterStrike A: CounterStrike Q: A Caixa Malacacheta is what kind of musical instrument which is commonly used in Latin American music? 1. Bass Drum 2. Cow Bell 3. Maraca 4. Snare Drum A: Snare Drum Q: In the first episode of YuGiOh: Duel Monsters, what book is Seto Kaiba seen reading at Domino High School? 1. Meditations 2. Beyond Good and Evil 3. Thus Spoke Zarathustra 4. The Republic A: Thus Spoke Zarathustra Q: Who is a minor god that is protector and creator of various arts, such as cheese making and bee keeping. 1. Autonoe 2. Carme 3. Cephisso 4. Aristaeus A: Aristaeus Q: Which pulp hero made appearances in Hellboy and BPRD comics before getting his own spinoff? 1. Lobster Johnson 2. The Spider 3. Roger the Homunculus 4. The Wendigo A: Lobster Johnson Q: Bohdan Khmelnytsky was which of the following? 1. Prince of Wallachia 2. Grand Prince of Novgorod 3. General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR 4. Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks A: Leader of the Ukrainian Cossacks Q: How long was the World Record Speed Run of Valve Software039;s quot;HalfLifequot; that was done in 2014. 1. 12 Minutes, 59 Seconds 2. 20 Minutes, 41 Seconds 3. 45 Minutes, 32 Seconds 4. 5 Minutes, 50 Seconds A: 20 Minutes, 41 Seconds Q: What was the real name of the Albanian national leader Skanderbeg? 1. Diturak Zhulati 2. Gjergj Kastrioti 3. Iskander Bejko 4. Mirash Krasniki A: Gjergj Kastrioti
Page 4 Q: Which team won the quot;Tom Clancy039;s Rainbow Six Siegequot; Invitational Event February 2017 in the PC Category? 1. Continuum 2. GIFU 3. eRa Eternity 4. Santos Dexterity A: Continuum Q: In the webcomic quot;Ava039;s Demonquot;, what sin is quot;Nevy Nervinequot; based off of? 1. Wrath 2. Envy 3. Sloth 4. Lust A: Envy Q: Pete Townshend collaborated with which famous guitarist for an event at Brixton Academy in 1985? 1. Jimmy Page 2. Mark Knopfler 3. David Gilmour 4. Eric Clapton A: David Gilmour Q: Which ability from the quot;Magic: The Gatheringquot; Scars of Mirrodin expansion involves having at least three artifacts in play? 1. Metalcraft 2. Imprint 3. Living Weapon 4. Affinity A: Metalcraft Q: What is the default name of the Vampire character in quot;Shining Soul 2quot;. 1. Sachs 2. Dracuul 3. Alucard 4. Bloodstar A: Bloodstar Q: Gabe Newell was born in which year? 1. 1972 2. 1960 3. 1970 4. 1962 A: 1962 Q: Panic! At the Disco039;s sixth album quot;Pray For The Wickedquot; was released on which date? 1. May 9, 2018 2. June 22, 2018 3. February 21, 2018 4. March 13, 2018 A: June 22, 2018
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