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Nov 14, 2023
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1 Some alternative assessments strategies that the social worker needs to consider when working with a family vs. working with only the client. The social worker should be sure to notice any changes in the family dynamics. is one person taking too much, are others scared to talk, is any one anxious or dominating over other family members? Understanding the family dynamics can help the social worker determine if the client is uncomfortable around certain members and if someone from the secession be removed. (Beginning Treatment Assessing the Family Dynamics, 2012) Monitoring the family in their own environment will give the social worker a sense of the family situation are they close, do they argue, do they respect each other, are they a close family support system? These answers help the social worker guide treatment sections based on the family's needs. The dynamics within the family could impact my interactions with them as a social worker because if the family dynamics are negative as in, they are argumentative, rude or disrespectful. It may cause the social worker to have their guard up and or may be reluctant to include these certain members of the family to be involved with treatment that would otherwise be beneficial for both client and the family member. Family dynamics may also impact how much information is shared with the social worker if family members are reluctant to engage in treatment. A social workers own family experience can be beneficial once on the field because it could deescalate uncomfortable situations, and could offer useful techniques that the client and their family could engage in. Especially if the family dynamics are complicated getting the family to open up and say one thing nice about each other could get the family to engage in a positive manner rather than in a negative manner with little to no engagement at all.
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