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Page 1 SOC: Powerpoint 1 Which of these TrackMania environments was NOT in the original game? a. !Bay b. Rally c. Desert d. Snow 2 Which of the following liquids is least viscous? Assume temperature is 25deg;C. a. Benzene b. !Acetone c. Water d. Mercury 3 Who won the 1989 Drum Corps International championships? a. The Bluecoats b. Blue Devils c. !Santa Clara Vanguard d. The Academy 4 What type of creature is a Bonobo? a. !Ape b. Lion c. Parrot d. Wildcat 5 In the game Call of Duty, what is the last level where you play as an American soldier? a. Ste. MereEglise Day b. !Festung Recogne c. Chateau d. Brecourt 6 Which of the following was not one of Joseph Stalin039;s ten blows during World War II? a. LeningradNovgorod Offensive b. Operation Bagration c. Crimean Offensive d. !VistulaOder Offensive 7 In quot;Magickaquot;, which two elements are combined to cast the spell, quot;Nullifyquot;? a. Arcane + Life b. Lightning + Life c. !Arcane + Shield d. Lightning + Shield 8 What vulnerability ranked 1 on the OWASP Top 10 in 2013? a. CrossSite Scripting b. Broken Authentication c. Insecure Direct Object References d. !Injection 9 What is quot;Stenomaquot;? a. A combat stimulant from WW2 b. !A genus of moths c. A type of seasoning d. A port city in the carribean
Page 2 10 In the game Warframe, what Mastery Rank do you need to have to build the Tigris Prime? a. 10 b. !13 c. 6 d. 18 1 Which of these countries is NOT a part of the Asian continent? a. !Suriname b. Georgia c. Russia d. Singapore 2 Which of these is NOT a province in China? a. Fujian b. Guangdong c. Sichuan d. !Yangtze 3 When does Finland celebrate their independence day? a. November 12th b. January 2nd c. February 8th d. !December 6th 4 In the TV Show quot;Donkey Kong Countryquot;, which episode did the song quot;Eddie, Let Me Go Back To My Homequot; play in? a. Message In A Bottle Show b. !It039;s a Wonderful Life c. ApeNesia d. To The Moon Baboon 5 What is the name of the school in the anime and manga quot;Gosickquot;? a. St. Bernadette b. !St. Marguerite c. St. Augustine d. St. Mary 6 Who assassinated President James A. Garfield? a. !Charles Guiteau b. John Wilkes Booth c. Leon Czolgosz d. Sirhan Sirhan 7 Which of the following is a major muscle of the back? a. Trapezoid b. Triquetrum c. Trapezium d. !Trapezius 8 Which member of the WuTang Clan had only one verse in their debut album Enter the WuTang 36 Chambers? a. Inspectah Deck b. GZA c. !Masta Killa d. Method Man 9 Which singer is portrayed by Bruce Campbell in the 2002 film 039;Bubba HoTep039;?
Page 3 a. Hank Williams, Sr. b. !Elvis Presley c. Buddy Holly d. Johnny Cash 10 In the Mario Kart series, which game introduced the quot;Shield Driftingquot; mechanic? a. Mario Kart Super Circuit b. !Mario Kart Arcade GP DX c. Mario Kart: Double Dash d. Mario Kart DS 1 What common name is given to the medial condition, tibial stress syndrome MTSS? a. Carpal Tunnel b. !Shin Splints c. Housemaid039;s Knee d. Tennis Elbow 2 How many Hz does the video standard PAL support? a. 25 b. !50 c. 60 d. 59 3 In the National Pokedex what number is PorygonZ? a. 376 b. !474 c. 589 d. 432 4 Which of these weapon classes DO NOT appear in the first Monster Hunter game? a. !Bow b. Light Bowgun c. Heavy Bowgun d. Hammer 5 Which character, in the game quot;Morenatsuquot;, has the most possible endings to their route, at a total of four different endings? a. Kouya Aotsuki b. !Shin Kuroi c. Soutarou Touno d. Torahiko Ooshima 6 In what year was the game quot;Eliminatorquot; released? a. !1998 b. 2000 c. 2001 d. 1999 7 Which animation studio animated quot;Psycho Passquot;? a. Trigger b. !Production I.G c. Kyoto Animation d. Shaft 8 Who was the winner of quot;Big Brotherquot; Season 10? a. Ryan Sutfin b. Bryce Kranyik
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