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2 Evaluation Process - Termination Process PART 1: Familiarize yourself with the evaluation process in social work. Answer the questions below in essay form 350 words or more. How does a formal evaluation take place at your field site? Formal evaluation at my field site takes place by monitoring and evaluation procedures. The monitoring and evaluation work evaluates the effectiveness of any social work that social workers have implemented. This monitoring and evaluation are aided by social work tools like the client management with reports and social work templates (Shaw, 2018). However, some of the evaluations need more physical touch, and there require the inspection of our planning department employees who visit the field site and write reports on the impact of social work on the site. How does the informal evaluation take place at your field site? Informal evaluation involves surveys on the local community where people's opinions and thoughts are taken and regarded as the performance of the social work. The personal views of respondents are analyzed and thus used to rate the performance of the social work. Also, the representatives of social work programs can go to meetings where they share the report, get about the field site social work, and utilize it as the status of the social work. How do you use data from these evaluations to inform your practice? Using the evidence can be assessment data and observations to identify specific instructional needs. The field site comes up with an instructional aim to achieve high classified goals through the data. Using the data, the field site management then groups employees into small groups, which give recommendations on the best interventions to social work. Also, data from these
3 evaluations can be used in asking for funding from global donors by giving attachments of community needs. What factors do you/does your field site consider when selecting an evaluation for practice outcomes? My field site considers the subjective factors centered on personal perception and defining factors when choosing an evaluation practice for outcomes. The summary of personal opinions of the top-level management of the field site informs which evaluation will be chosen over the other (Shaw, 2018). Also, the suitability of the evaluation plays a significant role where the site chooses an evaluation where the social work is needed. In short, how needy a population informs their choice for practice outcomes. What outcomes are measured? The outcomes evaluated included the impact of social work on the population to assess how well the program has impacted the community and the effects or unintended changes that the program has caused on clients. Would these be micro, mezzo, or macro-level outcomes? Macro-level-outcomes. PART 2: Familiarize yourself with the termination process in social work/therapy. Think about Ethical Termination. Write 300 words or more in essay form by answering the questions below. What has been your experience with termination, planned and unplanned, in your internship thus far?
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