During week one I chose Daniel and Lindsay Stark for my photographer to readership about, as I did the research I liked how they were willingly open about their clients and would travel across the world for there clients. I also liked how they focused on weddings and portraits that included over 300 weddings. In Greece , Australia and Portland Oregon. This week for my second photographer I chose Crystal Stokes as I did my research and compared her to my first photographer I noticed how she herself also focuses on weddings and travels to reach her clients. I also loved how her portfolio consists of: The wedding,The couple,The engagement and the bride. I believe that they both maintain a consistent look across all platforms. The content is evenly distributed as they both target weddings.The target audience are similar but also different in there own ways cause each person likes to explore in different ways. Yes their content is compelling and engaging, both of there stories were intriguing to me.The emotions that I experienced while reviewing both of their social medias were that they are willing to travel and explore for their clientele and I personally enjoyed that piece as a person who loves traveling, I think that is the most coolest part about being a photographer less
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