Quotes: "You do a better British Accent than a Brit" "He began talking this way to get the others to laugh, makes him feel respectable" "Woke up feeling like a lord" "He looks like a preacher, this appeals to Elijah" "What if it... burns down the town? ... Can you image anything more glorious?" Social Questions Elijah's complex with wemistikishiw culture intrigues for its dynamic dysfunction. It leads me wondering if he considers white men superior to Indians. I think Elijah believes this is true based on the fact that he imitates the way they speak and tries to behave the way that they do. But in times of battle the situation is reverse. Elijah embraces his native hunting abilities when he is fighting Germans. It's strange that Elijah feels the need to put up a front to feel accepted amongst the white men. I believe it began with Elijah's time at residential school and how he was brought up there. In many ways residential schooling created dysfunctions amongst society. It introduced segregation and conformance at an early age because children were taught that their cultural roots were barbaric and therefore inferior.
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