Human Rights

Korie Towner 10/12/23 Advancing Social Justice Human Rights and Social Work Human rights serve as the basis for everyone's dignity, freedom, and equality. Human rights have their core foundation on the equality of both genders. It asserts that everyone has the right to the same treatment, opportunities, and rights regardless of gender. Discrimination at work is one way that human rights have impacted my life. My Team Lead at work always regarded me differently than white men my age. He used to speak to them and offer them uplifting words on a regular basis. But when it came to me, he would always assign duties that I would complete, but he would never compliment my work.This had an individual effect on me since, when I initially arrived, there was an black woman who was kind to everyone no matter the race. We all of a sudden have this middle aged white man who doesn't treat everyone fairly. But I was motivated to continue since I needed the job, so I decided to ignore him. I experienced anxiety and depression as a result, when I thought about going to work. Gender-based discrimination is illegal, and efforts should be taken to end gender-based inequalities. In order for victims of human rights violations to heal and feel safe, a safe environment must be established. Furthermore,you must listen to the experiences and stories of survivors with empathy and without passing judgment. Demonstrate a sincere interest in and concern for their opinions and feelings.Be sensitive to cultural differences and knowledgeable about the socioeconomic, racial, and cultural backgrounds of the survivors you are dealing with. Be familiar with the principles and procedures of trauma-informed care. In order to provide a more supportive workplace, it can be helpful to understand how trauma affects different people.To ensure the best possible care, it's
essential to speak with and work alongside trauma and human rights professionals as needed.
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