TOPIC 1- Summary of Current Course Content

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Oct 16, 2023
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What are some historical factors that contributed to lay beliefs on parenting during your parents' and grandparents' generations? What are modern influences that impact beliefs of today's parents? Throughout history, there have been numerous factors that have shaped early parenting. These factors primarily revolve around how parents adhered to the practices of their ancestors and how children were raised to embrace family occupations and traditions. The customs and traditions of the past played an important role in dictating the nature of parent-child relationships. Additionally, parents allowed their children greater privacy, and the concept of overly protective "helicopter parenting" was not as widespread. (dot complicated, 2016) This can be attributed to both internal and external influences, with limited media impact. The current factors that influence parenting encompass the role of social media in disseminating both accurate and inaccurate information, which has a significant impact on parents' daily lives. Extensive research has established a strong link between excessive use of electronic devices by parents and feelings of neglect experienced by their children. Constantly browsing social media platforms may inadvertently communicate to our young ones that they are not sufficiently valued to receive our undivided attention. Social media profoundly affects the relationship between parents and their children, and it also plays a substantial role in academic decisions, offering more opportunities for children to choose their desired field or profession compared to the past.
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