What is unobtrusive observation

10/17/23, 9:00 AM what is unobtrusive observation - Search Unobtrusive observation is a method of making observations without the knowledge of those being observed ' 2 . It is common in social sciences * and aims to minimize the distortion of behavior caused by the awareness of the research project ' . It can be done by physically being present in the research context * or by using cameras or other devices in an environment similar to natural surroundings * . It can also involve disguising oneself as a member of the group being observed * . https://lwww.bing.com/search?g=what+is+unobtrusive+observation&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&lq=0&pqg=what+is+unobtrusive+observation&sc=10-31... 1/1
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