Week 4 reflection

When have you had to use evidence to help persuade a person or group of people? I have actually persuade my son that school is important no matter how old you are. How I did this was he asked me if it was so important why didn't I have to go to school. I explained to him that I completed my school days the only thing now for me to do is college. He wanted me to start going to college so he could keep going to elementary school and so forth. I had to break down all the main points as to why education is so important the older you get. How did you know that evidence was credible and valid? I knew it was credible and valid because of all the statistics out there and the proof you can find. I also allowed him to speak to teachers and other educators. He even spent a day with me at work to speak with others about their educations and how it has helped them in their life's. I showed him graphs of people with and without education levels. Provided him with hands on experiences with education on something vs without education on it. Was your personal credibility affected by the credibility of your evidence? If yes, explain why you think it was affected. If no, explain why you think it wasn't a factor. I feel as if it was and wasn't. Why do I think that? Well because you do not have to have education to be successful in life but you want to make sure you gain enough education to where you are capable of being able to do what it is you love to do. I feel as if you don't get an education in today's society you will not be able to make the amount it takes to actually live out here now.
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