Media Notes 1009

What issues of media representation does the documentary identify? What impact of representation do they discuss? - The documentary identifies the issues of women portrayal in the media. Women are usually weak and not important, they are not really the main characters and they are also made fun of in films. Women are always being saved in the films and the women have to be very beautiful so the man is attracted. Women are portrayed in ways that serve the man being the hero or the women trying to support the male roles. Even in children shows and movies, girls are very underrepresented and have fewer talking time. Media also shows women sexualized twice as much as the male characters. - Media has the power to educate and what we see influences how ideas are built and how people treat each other. The lack of diversity in the media has a huge mental impact on those underrepresented. When women see themselves represented as something that is different from the status quo they feel empowered and it has a huge impact on the viewers. They start to relate to those empowermenting films and get out of their comfort zone. Little girls have learned they must be visually appealing to men due th=o the representation they see in the media. After film: How might these issues connect to other forms of media representation? - This relates to the way men are also represented in films where they must appear as strong leaders. Moreover in social media, Women also have to fulfill the beauty standard that society has set. They have to be thin and have good size chests and buttocks. Another issue that is connected here is the way those with dwarfism are only able to get roles that require a short human to play a dwarf or a mythical creature or even represented as a dwarf in a negative way. When they are represented in the media they are also portrayed as having a disability when it really is not a disability.
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