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Oct 15, 2023
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Laura Acevedo Betanzos Professor De Leon Tobal HLSC 399 March 3, 2023 1. My workplace is a private clinic that specializes in pain management. The doctors and PA create treatment plans that attempt to relieve pain for patients. There are several treatment plans that can include medication, physical therapy, injections, and other forms of aid. Many times, injections are the best procedures that we have seen can be most effective for periods of time. 2. Looking at the system that works in our office, I believe a Physician Assistant is necessary for the effectiveness of our organization. As our office consists of only one doctor, our physician assistant is able to assist with a lot of patients. Many of our patients are not comfortable with epidurals, so our PA gives them trigger points allowing us to run smoothly with the schedule. The longer our patients wait, the more disservice were doing for them. 3. I have been enjoying this experience at this clinic. I have witnessed many different procedures that have brought a lot of pain relief for patients. Injections that alleviate pain in joints, cervical/lumbar regions, shoulders, hips and many others. This experience has been one of a kind, as our office is a smaller clinic, the patient to doctor relationship is on a more personal level where as an internee I can better understand my communication with patients. It allows for an easier space for me to ask questions and better understand my role as a future PA. 4. Many of the times I translate for patients in communication with their doctor. I have been assisting with some procedures like the Spinal Cord Stimulator trial. This is one of the bigger injections that we have performed in the office. This is a procedure where a patient is injected with a device that blocks the feeling of pain through mild electric currents from the device. Keeping everything sterile has been one of the biggest challenges I have had so far. Everything has to be clean and protected and draping the C-Arm machine has been difficult. The C-Arm is tall and wide, but it is also heavy to move.
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