Week 9 Pre-workshop exercise [2]

Week 9 Pre-Workshop Activity: Religious Diversity In week 9 we consider ethnicity, power, culture and religion in the workplace. In preparation for this workshop you are to research a religion which is assigned to you below, and identify three aspects or practices of that religion that may cause challenges to manage in the workplace: Each class will be divided into five groups alphabetically by family name: Family Name Begins with: Religion A to E Christianity F to K Buddhism L to O Islam P to R Hinduism S to Z Judaism These religions are the five most common in Australia according to the 2011 census. In class each group will discuss their findings, agree on three main issues and develop suggestions to address these. These three practices could be (but not exclusive to): Religious practices Everyday religious practices Special events religious practices Dietary needs/requirements Dress and appearance Touch and personal space Relationships with co-workers (men-women) and sexual orientation
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