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Oct 15, 2023
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5-1 Discussion: Cause and Effect? JUS 215 - Victim and the Justice System Southern New Hampshire University Jessica Lecza Prompt Hate crimes are in the news quite frequently, and impact not just the victim but many others. The United States is known for tolerance and acceptance by some, but there are individuals who are intolerant of diversity. Review this article from CNN. State who you think the victims are, who is impacted by the crime committed, what should happen to the offender, and what services the victim may require, if any. In responding to your classmates' postings, include in your response an example of another hate crime and provide a link to a story regarding that crime. Do the two crimes (the one identified by your classmate and the one you identified through your research) share any commonalities? Why or why not? Post Victims: Jose Sucuzhanay (31 - died), Romel Sucuzhanay (34), Mother
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