2.2 Healthspan & Blue Zones

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Oct 16, 2023
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4SS3 - W2 - L2 -... 2.2 Healthspan & Blue Zones Tuesday, September 12, 2023 9:35 AM
HEALTHSPAN vs LIFESPAN Age - Attainment Bias - the closer more likely there will be a discre Bc record keeping was poo - Supercentenarians (100+ y 50% per year Thus, for every 1000 them will have died 112 Suggest only 1 Means that th lifetime - Human life expectancy has But did not come w - What Medical Research Should W Decrease mortality; increa But memory, cogniti communication decl - Decrease morbidity to com disability, detrimental agin
r you were born to poor record keeping times, the epancy of what your actual age is or before the 50's yrs old) have a steady very high mortality rate of ~ 0 individuals who have reached age 110, 500 of before their 111th birthday, and 250 more by age 1/1000 would reach 120y; 1/1million reach 130y here is a 3% chance someone will live to 130 in our s been increasing at a rapid rate (~2.2y/decade) a proportionate increase in QoL for elderly We Invest In? ase life expectancy ion, mobility, sight, hearing, taste, line w/ age mbat increase prevalence of chronic disease, ng
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