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CRJU 345
Oct 20, 2023
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CRJU 345 / Discussion 1(chapters 1 and 2): 1. Find the changes that have taken place in how the agency functions and operates since its establishment till today. 2. What is the rate of crime in your city? Compare the crime rate in your area to a much larger or much smaller area and explain what could cause the differences in crime rates if any. 3. Research how evidence-based practices are being utilized in prisons and correctional facilities today. What are the major changes that have taken place in the practices of prisons and correctional facilities since they were established? Why were these changes made? Who suggested these changes? When were they introduced in prisons and correctional facilities? 4. What are the qualifications necessary to enter the field of corrections in California? What is the process of applying for a job as a corrections officer? What are the requirements to be a corrections officer (for example, educational and fitness requirements)? 5. Find a correctional agency in California. What is the evidence-based practices (EBP) it employs? Find the EBP and cost-benefit analysis for the current year for the same correctional agency.
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