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EDF 2085
Oct 15, 2023
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3-28-18 EDF 2085 Diversity Article Review- Are school policies found on sexual orientation and gender identity associated with les bullying? Teachers' perspectives. Public officials are concerned with the student's environment affecting the way they behave. Studies have shown that bullying is associated with three main components which are emotional, physical and academic problems. School officials have focused on the policies and the practices regarding SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity), since the students do not have feel safe but don't have school safety. Bullying shows and increase when the child is surrounded by a negative environment versus students that have a positive environment tend to bully less. "School climate as a moderator of bullying prevention efforts over a 1-year period and found a reduction in bullying in schools in which staff and teachers had clear commitment to bullying prevention and perceived a more positive psychosocial school climate." (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) Teachers play an important role in student bullying. Teachers promote "safety and reducing bullying in schools. Studies show that there are lower levels of bullying or a reduction in bullying behavior over time in elementary schools in which students perceive more support from teachers". (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) SOGI policies help provide a better environment for the students through research. The first stage is that the schools create strong policies which results in more school safety for the students and a drastic decrease in bullying. Second stage would include a more positive climate for students, as mentioned; it does help decrease bullying and aggressive behaviors. "A study of over 6000 students in 17 California
schools found that students who reported that they knew where to go for "information and support about sexual orientation, gender identity, or LGBT issues" (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) reported hearing fewer LGBT-related slurs at school; independently, the proportion of students who reported knowing where to go for information and support was associated with rates of reported LGBT-related slurs across schools". (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) Third stage would be that teachers get training in SOGI policies and practices, to help advocate school safety and decrease bullying. "A state-wide study in Massachusetts showed that students reported a safer diversity climate in schools in which teachers were trained in LGBTQ youth violence and suicide prevention". (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) Lastly, would be to provide the students with "safe spaces" and clubs they can join, which does result in school safety and decrease in harassment. Through the studies shown, providing students with these 4 stages in SOGI policies the students felt safer in their school but have received less homophobic remarks. The article provided facts and studies about sexual orientation and gender identity, but in my opinion failed to mention present time, most schools fail to meet the SOGI policy expectations. Most students don't have a safe space or know any clubs that they can join. Majority of the schools can't afford certain type of clubs. Teachers as mentioned, are strong in promoting school safety and reducing bullying, but my main concern would be that some teachers might not be qualified to help promote, and some teachers will fail in helping some students which would then result in students getting bullied and harassed from other students. " Third, training for teachers on SOGI issues also has been identified as an important strategy to promote school safety and reduce bullying. (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016). Majority schools in this country don't provide a safe, positive climate for students, which will result in
bullying. I do believe the four stages of SOGI policies could help majority of the students in this country due to all the studies that have been shown. " In summary, a number of SOGI-related policies and practices have been shown to be associated with student safety and well-being, and less bullying". (Russell, Day, Loverno, Toomey, 2016) This article relates to our discussions in EDF 2085 because one of the biggest topics we have discussed was about SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity). Schools have changed over time and I believe that now we are seeing more students" come out" about who they are and who they like. And it seems as if these students don't have a haven in their schools, which should be provided. In class we discussed how difficult it is for these kids, going to school and having other students or their own parents judge them for being themselves.
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