Qualitative researchers are more interested in observing, listening, and interpreting 2

Powered by Al Bing Qualitative researchers are interested in understanding the subjective experiences of people and their social contexts. They use a variety of methods to collect data, such as observing, participating, listening, and interviewing . These methods allow researchers to gain insights into the meanings, values, and beliefs that people attach to their experiences . Qualitative research is often used in fields such as sociology, anthropology, psychology, and education . : "Chapter 8 Qualitative Methods: Observing, Participating, Listening 233." SAGE Publications. Accessed October 16, 2023. link. : "What Is Qualitative Observation? | Definition & Examples - Scribbr." Scribbr. March 18, 2023. link. : "What Is Qualitative Research? | Methods & Examples - Scribbr." Scribbr. June 19, 2020. link.
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