TDPW 1 - Exercise #9 - Malak Almadani

TDPW 1 - Exercise #9 - THEATRICALITY PITCHES #1: My first pitch would be a continuation of one of the short scenes I'd written for a prior exercise, which was about two different women—Grace and Sandy—who'd just found out they'd been cheated on by the same guy, and what their immediate reactions and responses are after they find out. It's a play that examines the thought process that women—or people in general—experience after something like this happens to them, and how they tend to go on to blame themselves for it and think less of themselves. It ends with both women realizing that none of the fault was on their end, and they come to realize their worth as well. The entire play takes place with both women on different sides of the stage, with a wall separating them. They directly address the audience continuously throughout the play. It is a similar concept to Drag Race 3:59. The MDQ is something along the lines of 'Will the two women blame themselves for what happened?' #2: My second pitch is a little more on the fantasy side. There's a library, but it's not just any old library, and the books aren't just any old books. The books are all records of people's lives. Each book tells every individual person's story, from start to finish, birth to death, however they are written as time goes by. There are two 'book-keepers' who guard the library and all the books and all that. The play would center around the book-keepers going through a few of these books and discussing some of the things they find in these stories. Be it happy things, sad things, shocking things—it's all about life and how strange, but beautiful it is. The dichotomy between life and death. Things like that.
#3: My third pitch is a reality TV show (I just finished watching the 3rd season of Love is Blind) but instead of it being something typical like people meeting each other and dating on the show, it takes real couples who have been together for a while and have lost their 'spark', and the end goal of the show is to get them to find it again. It'll be in a mainly comedic setting, but it will also examine real-life issues people tend to face in relationships, especially after being together for so long. There will be 3 couples. One of them will end up breaking up by the end, while the other two will overcome their issues. The MDQ is 'Will all 3 couples overcome their issues and successfully come out the other side?'
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