ATH 101 6-2

ATH 101 6-1 Journal ATH 101 SNHU 6-1 Journal 06/13/2021 1
ATH 101 6-1 Journal This world could never go without some type of power or control. So to even think of a world without politics is like thinking of world peace or thinking that just one day, people may all agree or think alike. The world is too damaged to be without some type of conflict. I mean, it's so bad that you can't even go online without reading or seeing something about politics. Politics unfortunately, is a part of every discussion, writing or opinion. If the world moved to a non-political world, nothing would make sense or have meaning, not race, equality, gender equality, kinship and there'd be no progress in world issues and the world wouldn't have much leg to build on together. It's an unrealistic thought. The power of politics kind of shapes the lives 2
ATH 101 6-1 Journal of world, it's a real humanistic societal approach to being intertwined with other humans around the world. It's a way of getting things done. For example, each human society has its own way of life and beliefs. In the U.S. we can bear arms. And even that causes politic chaos because everyone is also entitled to their own opinion leaving our own government to agree to disagree the subject. Another example, our borders. The biggest political issue yet. Our country was flooded by immigrants and built by them. They came by boat and traveled terrains to this country in the 1800's and it was accepted then to build what our nation is today. Yet today, you have politicians telling migrants to don't come, demonstrating how times have changed and how politics have shaped the us. Unfortunately, they are our leaders and not everyone agrees with them creating conflicts. It'll always be around. 3
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