Week 3, Fall, 2023, for Quercus

GENDER AND EDUCATION Prof. A. Mullen September 22, 2023 Week # 3
AGENDA 1. Quiz 2. Review Week 2: Thinking about Gender Difference and Gender Inequality 3. Lecture: How Educational Institutions Shape Gender: School Practices 4. Writing to learn + discussion: summarizing for an audience
KIMMEL AND HOLLER: THE GENDERED SOCIETY 1. What are the two main ways we think about gender and what's wrong with them? 2. What is social constructionism? 3. How does it depart from the theory of sex roles? multiple masculinities and femininities ( gender as plural ) gender as relational gender as situational ( Gender as a set of behaviors not a property of individuals) Power is important (genders are not simply complementary) gender as an institution (not simply a property of individuals) Institutions produce gender differences gender as a product of interactions In a nutshell: identities, interactions, institutions
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