Module Four Journal

The results of my survey on "Comfort in Social Situations" didn't surprise me much. I've always been aware of my biases and have tried to overcome them. Growing up in a strict Christian household, many of these biases were taught to me at a very young age. I lived in a small country town where the majority of people were white, so the race section of the survey was high. However, I was raised never to judge someone based on their skin color. Additionally, we were taught not to date outside of our race, and that races don't mix. As I've grown older, I still struggle with these biases on a daily basis, but I make a conscious effort not to let them affect my interactions with others. The sexuality section of the survey is also a topic that makes me feel uncomfortable. I returned to the way I was brought up and the lessons I learned. Growing up in an autonomous holiness church didn't allow for any doubt about the idea that women should be with men and vice versa. Despite this, I still hold this belief but understand that others may not share my thoughts and feelings. Although I have a bias, it has not affected my friendships with people from different backgrounds and beliefs. I felt uneasy about my weight due to my upbringing. Having an overweight
parent made me particularly sensitive to situations where weight could be a source of ridicule. I recall an incident when my mother came to visit me at school, and someone remarked, "Gosh, her mom is quite large." It hurt me for my mom, and I have made it a point to stand up for people. I won't stand for anyone making fun of someone for any reason. I eventually lost my mother due to obesity and failure to thrive. For me, this bias makes me protect people in these situations. I am conscious of the various biases that exist and how they can affect my daily life. Therefore, I make an effort to retrain my brain to think and react differently in various situations. It's crucial to me that my biases never have a negative impact on anyone or any problem I may encounter. I aspire to maintain this level of sensitivity in my future career, treating everyone I meet with fairness and not unfairly associating stereotypes with individuals based on their characteristics. I am confident that my biases will not hinder me from effectively performing my job at any time.
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