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Oct 10, 2023
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Sense of Belonging: Colored Students at PWIs 1 Sense of Belonging for Colored Students at Predominantly White Institutions LaNylah M. Chavarria Adrian College February 2023
Sense of Belonging: Colored Students at PWIs 2 Introduction and Purpose of Study Much of the research that already exist only focus on how race affects the experiences and sense of belonging of African American students at PWIs. This study will focus on the critical race theory (CRT) to apply a racial competent lens to the lived experiences of African American students at PWIs.The purpose of this research study is to identify how race impacts the sense of belonging of African American students at predominantly White institutions (PWIs). Literature Review Critical Race Theory and Education Delgado (2017), defined critical race theory (CRT) as "a progressive legal movement that seeks to transform the relationship among race, racism, and power". Ladson-Billings (1995) explained that by using CRT, educators would be able to better understand and handle education inequalities.Research done by Solorzano, (2000) explained how the five major themes of critical race theory can be used to understand racial microaggressions of the African American student experiences at PWIs. First theme is the centrality of racism in society, which means that racism is "normal" in American life and culture. The second theme is the challenge to try and eliminate "white privilege" and change the mindset of people in american society.The third theme is committed to social justice with the agenda of trying to get rid of racism. The forth theme is the theme of experiential knowledge that means that people are trying to better understand the struggles of African Americans to understand their story. The fifth theme is the transdisciplinary perspective, which means that civil-rights laws need to be looked at through a different lens since
Sense of Belonging: Colored Students at PWIs 3 times are different. Critical race theory was first brought up as a sytem to criticize and address racism within the court system. Since the progression of society critical race theory is now used to criticize the education system as well. Ladson-Billing (1998) makes a point explaining that conversations discussing race in education make people uncomfortable and less likely to discuss this topic. She also explained that to appropriately apply CRT as an educational tool, educators must bring up the topic of racism and race issues as it applys to education. Ladson-Billings (1995) stated, while CRT may expose race issues in education, it is most valuable as exposure to understand racial inequality in the education system. For example,McGee and Stovall (2015) explained how applying CRT to education will allow educators to analyze practices through a diversified lens. To apply this to my research Patton (2016) explained that while most CRT in education research is focused on middle and high school, educators must understand that higher education institutions are not aware of the effects of race and race issues this has on higher education. She went on to explain that CRT would be most helpful in higher education to take a social justice approach to apply change.The social justice approach can help higher education staff and administrators use CRT to better understand and address race related issues on their campuses (Linley, 2018). CRT isnt here to fix racism, but if used effectively CRT could better help to understand and address the racism happening in the higher education system. Sense of Belonging According to Strayhorn (2012), having a sense of belonging is feeling as if one has a rightful place in a community. The sense of belonging is also described by Hurtado (2015) as a feeling of attachment and place within the campus community. Hunn (2014) argued that the experiences of African American students result in them struggling more than their peers to
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