Articulated Notes for Week 2

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Oct 19, 2023
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Miah Perez American Asian Migration July 5, 2023 Section: Tuesday: 3:00pm - 3:50pm Articulated Notes Week 2 During the migration process, Asian immigrants and their descendants frequently meet new identities, social structures, and cultural sensibilities. As a result, traditional culture and civilization have perished. They are of diverse races and ethnicities. They have individual history, both as a group and as individuals.I believe it is critical to comprehend Asian American migration because they regularly return home in pursuit of better employment and business prospects. Culturally diverse places do not perceive this as a problem, but rather as a normal process. To learn more about the culture and migration of Asian Americans. The impact people had on their own definitions of America as a location with a diverse variety of cultures, including their ethnic history. However, one thing struck me: the term "Yellow Peril" relates to Western anxieties that Asians, particularly the Chinese, would invade their nations and undermine Western values like democracy, Christianity, and technical innovation. However, at the time, conceptions about Western progress included attitudes that are now recognized as problematic, such as white supremacy and the virtue of invading non-Western places. It is significant because The Yellow Peril was used to explain Australia's White Australia Policy, which barred dark-skinned Melanesians from entering the country. This topic is connected to my course purpose because it discusses how Asians and Asian Americans are portrayed as threatening to take over, invade, or otherwise negatively Asianize the United States nation, society, and culture. It is both disheartening and frightening to me that racial discrimination at its most basic level has not altered since the Yellow Peril panic began in the United States about a century and a half ago. The fact that Asian Americans continue to face discrimination despite our "achievements" and are still vulnerable to outright racist hatred in times of competition and crisis in America is significant because it demonstrates that, no matter how much American society has evolved to be more racially inclusive, it continues to be in many ways, the same resolved society that the generations before us faced. Laws barring discrimination are not enough; peoples' values still have to change.
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